HOLY-FIELD Vineyard & Winery

18807 158th Street
Basehor, Kansas 66007
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Be on the lookout, the Grape Faerie
has been spotted in the Vineyard!

Picking Sunday's

   What are "Picking Sundays"? They are a traditional Midwestern harvest event when people from all over gather together to enjoy the unique vineyard experience of bringing in the grape harvest. At Holy-Field, we always enjoy seeing the "picking crews" arrive for another season. We appreciate the efforts of the fine people who help pick our grapes. Their efforts add that special something to the fine wines that we produce.

   Each Sunday is spent harvesting and crushing a different grape. After bringing in the fruit of the vines, our harvesters are treated to a buffet lunch in the Banquet Room. But when you're done, don't rush off before visiting our wine cellar to see the crush in progress and taste the juice!    Reservations are required for "Picking Sunday's" and the dates fill up fast. We begin accepting reservations after July 1st so check your calendar, give us a call and make your reservations to be a part of this year's tradition. Picking dates are very tentative and depending on the season, may be cancelled. In the event of a cancellation you will be notified by phone.

 Tentative Picking Schedule

 Mid August through September

  Please plan to arrive at the winery to check in by 8:00 a.m. for Picking Sunday's.